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How to make a large terracotta face mask in 10 steps

Tonight I have been making a larger mask and thought I would show step by step how I am making it, the polystyrene base I made in another post seems to be doing the job okay, pleased with it.


Step One: cut pieces of polystyrene for the high points of the face, tape and cover with cling film.

mask 1

Step Two: Clay slab draped over the mould and press firmly to get basic shapes in.

mask nose 2

Step Three: usually I start with the nose so I get an idea of the length of the face.

mask mouth 1

Step Four: add rolled coils for the mouth.

mask mouth 2

Step Five: added another thick coil to add weight to the lower lip and chin.


Step Six: and another ball of clay to raise the height of the chin.


Step Seven: next put two oval shaped balls of clay into the eye sockets.

mask eyes

Step Eight: begin by marking in the outer edges of the eyeball and the iris using a wooden tool.

mask eyes 4

Step Nine: smooth outer edges then add coils to build up the lower and upper lids.


Step Ten: build up the side of the nose and blend into the cheek to frame the eyes.


Tools down for now!


Finished off today.