My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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When is a rumpot not a rumpot?


Sadly, it’s when the glaze I used didn’t fit the clay body and ended up with crazing, tiny little cracks all over the inside of the pot and not safe for food 😦


They will, however,  make pretty plant pots, i think the next ones i make will be in terracotta with the “other” clear glaze.


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Underglazing the grapes

Time to underglaze the grapes on the rumpots today.



One of them i will be doing at the bisque stage and one at bone dry, it will be interesting to see the differences with both methods, i usually find it easier to do at bone dry.

After this i will give them both a bisque fire to set the underglaze and fire the two new wheel thrown lids at the same time….in the kiln now.

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Testing glazes for the Rumpot

I have been a bit consumed by testing glazes to go on the rumpot the last couple of weeks, i wasn’t impressed with the matt ones i tried, so did some more. It has been keeping me out of trouble for the most part…..more on that later!

I had to test for a few reasons, mostly because i normally work in terracotta so am starting with that lovely reddy brown already and trying to alter it or just bring its natural colour out with a clear glaze and i am using a different clay this time for the pot which is well…white 🙂

I discovered browns are tricky because they all have different undertones and brown is not just brown.  The other main reason is that i am using a new clay and they all react differently with the chemicals and colourants in a glaze, and of course i didn’t know how to make brown.

This time i used a foodsafe clear glaze base so i could keep the gloss, opacified it with different amounts of zirconium silicate, rutile, red iron oxide and a commercial brown stain. To fill up the kiln, I also did some other tests with cobalt, copper carbonate and stains for my flowers maybe and did 3 monarch butterflies.

I was aiming for something similar to the clear glazed terracotta planter i made in the background, i like the outcome of number 3 for the pot, it has slight yellow undertone that matches the planter.


Oh yes, the bit of trouble i did get into was rushing the clay, again, i tried to bisque fire the pot before it was totally dry and the knob popped off the lid. Just to be safe, i turned the replacement lid on the wheel this time, hoping it will dry more evenly.

We have had a colour change today to a clear base, still with black grapes and green leaves, but its all good  i now know how to make a good few browns that i like for the new clay, now i can get back to the making, which we all know is my favourite part 🙂

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Throwing off the hump

To test a new glaze and some old glazes on the new clay i needed some test tiles.  Normally i do flat ones with a texture on them but they are a bit, one dimensional and i find it hard to imagine how it will look on a real pot.

So here are some mini, wonky pots thrown off the hump with Rumpot number 2 that i just had to make for myself 🙂



Rumpot Commission

Experimented with shapes on the wheel first, need a bit more practice to get the 3 litre volume though, allowing for shrinkage of the clay, it is a bit bigger than i can do right now but ended up with a cute litle sugar bowl..


I decided to handbuild it instead, a bit more work involved but i like the result.  It even got me all inspired to make myself one, its just what i need !