My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Club raku in 5 fun steps!


Step one: the lid comes off and the 900+ degree pottery is lifted into combustible material. First time wielding the tongs for me, panic stations 🙂


Another potter’s creation next, a very trusting potter too, no shakes or dropsies so was all good 🙂


Step two: into the sawdust and paper, another layer is quickly put on top and the lid goes on.


Step three: it’s out of the can and cooled.

raku cooling

Step four: cooled in a wet paper bath then into a water bath for a good scrub.


Step five: the first scrub reveals the colour and crackling by removing some of the soot on the surface, these ones are off home for another scrub.

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Clay faces for club raku firing.

Went with an Easter Island head for the concrete sculpture because I wasn’t that confident with faces. That inspired a series of faces, for the practice as much as anything and it gave me the chance to play around with different placement for eyes and noses and mouths. I started with plans of five faces but ran out of the Raku clay, so three it is, feels like a good number 🙂