My pottery creations on and off the wheel.


Watermarks? What do you think?

Why, you may be wondering?

I stumbled across a website the other day that was selling my pottery blog photos as posters OMG, needless to say it freaked me out so I put a copyright banner on the side and playing around with some new ideas.

The chook was a DIY one that looks a bit naff so maybe the second one. What do you think about them? Do they help? What do you do?

dandelion copyright



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Little bits here and there

Need to have a catch up soon, but these are some of the little bits that I have been doing  here and there. I used a mixture of wood stamps, a crochet lace doily and my own hand made stamps as well. Invariably I forgot to put holes in some but a drill tool fixed that.

The pieces have been drying out now for a few weeks. Tonight was about rounding out all of the cut edges and holes for pendants to hang, without the cords catching and smoothing the backs so they will sit comfortably. These are now ready for their first bisque firing in the kiln.

Maybe I will have pottery dreams tonight 🙂


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Lucky elephant is on duty

Loaded the kiln today, the chook feeder towered over everything else and no amount of juggling and re-arranging could allow a second shelf.

So rather than waste all that space at the top of the kiln, I snuck in a broken shelf “precariously” balanced on one post!  I know it is tempting fate a bit, hence the lucky elephant being on duty! Go lucky elephant do your thing!


Here is hoping I don’t end up with one gigantic sculpture from this one 🙂

Update: did something fall on it, or did I just blow the bottom element because only 5 hours into the firing the bottom element is off…holding my breath?

This one has the tiniest peephole in the side so a bit hard to see but doesn’t look like it has fallen and temp still climbing okay so taking a few tentative breaths.

This morning’s update: well nothing fell down so that’s a plus I should be able to re-fire, but couldn’t reach temperature with only one element going, only got to 800C so no glaze melt no nothing! Oh no another headache!

Thursday update: could have been worse, the relay blew on one element, but the part needs ordering so just hoping I get time to re-fire before the Riding for the Disabled Farmers Market- Waihou on Sunday!


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A Potters Washing Day

Washing shelves: have painted a few layers of kiln wash on my kiln shelves, with the aim of catching any accidental drips, drops and slumps so I don’t ruin the shelves.

Washing benches, containers, cloths and glaze mixing stuff from last night after mixing oxides and stains into a base glaze.  Washing works much better than a sweep for kicking up dusty chemicals.

Washing recycled glass bottles for my next experiment.

And of course, the thing none of us can escape, boring old clothes washing.


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Soda firing in the woodkiln results…

At last the final stage of my latest creations, they have been on quite a journey and the ladies are still standing 🙂 I really like the depth of the glaze, the variation in tones, the result on texture and the accumulation of soda on the faces.

What do you think, feel free to leave me comment?


Hope, Joy, Aspire ladies.


Swirly candelabra.


Chamber candlesticks.


Cheeky Kiwi and chamber candlesticks.


Small faces with fittings to hang.


Small faces line up.