My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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A Potters Washing Day

Washing shelves: have painted a few layers of kiln wash on my kiln shelves, with the aim of catching any accidental drips, drops and slumps so I don’t ruin the shelves.

Washing benches, containers, cloths and glaze mixing stuff from last night after mixing oxides and stains into a base glaze.  Washing works much better than a sweep for kicking up dusty chemicals.

Washing recycled glass bottles for my next experiment.

And of course, the thing none of us can escape, boring old clothes washing.


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Oh no, i just committed the potter’s cardinal sin!

I couldn’t resist seeing the local art show with painters, awesome guitar and music, georgeous ukelele ladies singing, local choir, even had half a glass of wine and these days that is more than enough to get me happy.  Was so glad i went because i almost missed it altogether.

Then i got home……and i had forgotten the kiln was on! Oh no!!

The cardinal sin: never leave your kiln unattended, even for an art show!!!!!!

Someone must have been sitting on my shoulder tonite because i got home just in time to see the cone come to a full bend so i could turn it off, how is that for timing?!