My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Working on the new bowls today

I enjoy this bit even though it is the time I am most likely to break them 🙂

The clay has done a lot of it’s drying now and is starting to get more fragile so its time to be gentle and slow armed with different sizes of cut up sponge and some water to smooth out each pierced hole individually, clean up the foot and add some more carving.


Using the sponge and water to get rid of the harsh cut edges.


Foot turned on the wheel, then added onto the hand built bowl.


Rough hand cut look before smoothing.


The first smoothing session done on the holes, this foot was made from a slab of clay and textured with a home made bisque stamp.


No holes in this one, just the bisque stamps, a slab built foot and a bit of carving.