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First Chick hatched but is it okay?

21 days to the day and I have the first chick, wasn’t sure if it was alive though a couple of hours ago, I found it on its back unable to turn over. Every half hour I go out and it’s caste again.  Was planning to separate the black one that has been sitting from the brown one when they all hatched to keep the chicks safe, but now I’m not sure as they seem to be sharing the job sitting next to each other in the box?


Black one nesting, did the brown one do it?

Half an hour after taking this, I went back to find one of the chooks had pecked it in the stomach, with a bit of nursing and a wheat bag for warmth, it seems to be perking up.  Stands up and chirps when I talk to it now and the bleeding has stopped so hoping!  Wondering if I should give it back to it’s mum now have stopped the brown chook getting in?



Update: the poor thing made it through the night but only just and it’s tummy was all infected. Feel so cruel for trying to keep it alive with such a big peck wound but it was still trying till half an hour ago.


Update 3pm: Chook chook can help the new lavender grow.