My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Playing with the Angels

The first angels i made were little short chubby ones in terracotta which i love, yesterday i thought i would revisit making them in a different style out of a smooth white clay. The  basic templates i made from coloured card might need a bit of adjusting before i make the next one.

It’s a bit trickier to work with but the colour response with coloured slips and oxides should be really good.



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A Potters Washing Day

Washing shelves: have painted a few layers of kiln wash on my kiln shelves, with the aim of catching any accidental drips, drops and slumps so I don’t ruin the shelves.

Washing benches, containers, cloths and glaze mixing stuff from last night after mixing oxides and stains into a base glaze.  Washing works much better than a sweep for kicking up dusty chemicals.

Washing recycled glass bottles for my next experiment.

And of course, the thing none of us can escape, boring old clothes washing.


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Terracotta glaze tests

Janet De Boos White glaze with colorants and oxides to fill up the gaps for tomorrows firing. So I don’t waste too many ingredients I thought I would do tiny tests, the accuracy is going to depend on whether 1 gram on the scales is actually 1 gram, half a gram to 15ml would probably have been a better plan but couldn’t do so here goes.  At least it should give me a starting point for next tests if I like the look of something.