My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Testing glazes for the Rumpot

I have been a bit consumed by testing glazes to go on the rumpot the last couple of weeks, i wasn’t impressed with the matt ones i tried, so did some more. It has been keeping me out of trouble for the most part…..more on that later!

I had to test for a few reasons, mostly because i normally work in terracotta so am starting with that lovely reddy brown already and trying to alter it or just bring its natural colour out with a clear glaze and i am using a different clay this time for the pot which is well…white 🙂

I discovered browns are tricky because they all have different undertones and brown is not just brown.  The other main reason is that i am using a new clay and they all react differently with the chemicals and colourants in a glaze, and of course i didn’t know how to make brown.

This time i used a foodsafe clear glaze base so i could keep the gloss, opacified it with different amounts of zirconium silicate, rutile, red iron oxide and a commercial brown stain. To fill up the kiln, I also did some other tests with cobalt, copper carbonate and stains for my flowers maybe and did 3 monarch butterflies.

I was aiming for something similar to the clear glazed terracotta planter i made in the background, i like the outcome of number 3 for the pot, it has slight yellow undertone that matches the planter.


Oh yes, the bit of trouble i did get into was rushing the clay, again, i tried to bisque fire the pot before it was totally dry and the knob popped off the lid. Just to be safe, i turned the replacement lid on the wheel this time, hoping it will dry more evenly.

We have had a colour change today to a clear base, still with black grapes and green leaves, but its all good  i now know how to make a good few browns that i like for the new clay, now i can get back to the making, which we all know is my favourite part 🙂


Little things for the woodfire

Just took the little heart statues out of the kiln this morning. Different design but they are still all about the heart. This time I have named them Joy who looked like she was dancing with abandon though now has a bit of a lean so will have to see where that goes, Aspire is still reaching up and Hope still is.


Planning to put these and the collection of little masks in with the candle sticks. Might do some oxide to help the texture come up, not sure yet though.

Now off to search for some pallets!

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How will i glaze them?

Took these out of the kiln this morning and wondering again, how to glaze them, I know I want to keep the texture and forms and I like a more earthy look for the garden so it may be oxides instead? or a solid colour for more impact? Will have to step away from this one and think first!


Small face with a carved tattoo, and a small Buddha head for the club exhibition.


Celtic butterfly ball, I like it but it needed a bit more work on it so is going in my garden warts and all 🙂

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Making a test tile board.

Thought it was time i got all my test tiles  organised and in one place.

I’m one of those people that needs to see it visually or i confuse myself and my memory is a bit dodgy these days, so its been fun to remember that there were tests i liked but had forgotten all about. Sadly i can’t find 238d or 114d clear anymore so that rules out some good ones, maybe i can find a fritt that has a similar composition and test again, that’s what testing is for i geuss!DSC02106

For now i’m just having fun with the tiles while i wait for the kiln to get to cone 02 to which might improve the look of the bronze oxide?!