My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Soda firing in the woodkiln results…

At last the final stage of my latest creations, they have been on quite a journey¬†and the ladies are still standing ūüôā I really like the depth of the glaze, the variation in tones, the result on texture¬†and the accumulation of soda on the faces.

What do you think, feel free to leave me comment?


Hope, Joy, Aspire ladies.


Swirly candelabra.


Chamber candlesticks.


Cheeky Kiwi and chamber candlesticks.


Small faces with fittings to hang.


Small faces line up.






Little things for the woodfire

Just took the little heart statues out of the kiln this morning. Different design but they are still all about the heart. This time I have named them Joy who looked like she was dancing with abandon though now has a bit of a lean so will have to see where that goes, Aspire is still reaching up and Hope still is.


Planning to put these and the collection of little masks in with the candle sticks. Might do some oxide to help the texture come up, not sure yet though.

Now off to search for some pallets!

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There is something that happens in summer

With the weight of the world on my shoulders and reading my own blog for a necessary distraction from it all, I have just noticed that there is something that happens with my pottery in summer!

The fun happens, the joy I get from creating, the way things inspire me, the fact that everything seems to inspire me, trying out new ideas and ways of doing things and not being weighed down so much by outcomes, the experiments that go wrong are even a fun experience, the drops and spills and knocks and breakages just are, the enthusiasm to just get into the clay, the processes from nothing to something even seems shorter.

Maybe it’s the Vitamin D ? Maybe it’s the light ? ¬†But something happens in summer with my pottery and it’s good!