My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Glaze test results


Testing the Janet De Boos glaze 29 again cone 03-02, this time i had a good bend at 02 in the middle of the kiln. So that’s the temperature right, and the fritt substitution was right according to supplier, but i’m not so sure…i imagined cream coffee was like a more opaque milky coffee?

Tested on the white stoneware, terracotta and the smooth white clay .  Curious that the red copper oxide seemed to just coat the water and not absorb so skipped that one.

Now i just have to work out what’s what and do tests using a clear gloss base for #1, #2 and #3, and add an extra 4% iron oxide to the Janet de boos glaze #8,and maybe a lighter red iron oxide wash over #8, to see if i get a brown i like for the rumpots.



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Terracotta glaze tests

Janet De Boos White glaze with colorants and oxides to fill up the gaps for tomorrows firing. So I don’t waste too many ingredients I thought I would do tiny tests, the accuracy is going to depend on whether 1 gram on the scales is actually 1 gram, half a gram to 15ml would probably have been a better plan but couldn’t do so here goes.  At least it should give me a starting point for next tests if I like the look of something.