My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Impulse and inspiration today

I have been thinking about making frogs and want to make native NZ ones instead of the classic shape i see.  I could probably find a picture on NZ Forest and Bird but there is so much more fun to it when you get to study them in person.

The impulse was that i went out for one thing, and came home with another thing, as you do. I don’t even have a pond,  but i came home with tadpoles……of course !

A bit of rush DIY pond making later, riverstones out of the garden, duckweed, some rainwater and my pottery and they have a home to transform in.

Update: well it is not as pretty one but after 3 tries i found a container that didn’t have holes for me to plug, so the tadpoles, baby fish and plants from the river can keep their water 🙂

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Frit 3134 or Frit 4124?

Sometimes you put a glaze in the kiln and you don’t get what you think you are going to get, it depends on so many different things, time, temperature and clay type, even where you put it in the kiln.  Usually i have a rough idea of what happened, but not this time. 

So, i tested this Janet De Boos glaze on white and terracotta earthenware to cone 02, Frit 3134 90, Bentonite  20, Rutile flour 5, Red iron oxide 2.  Being from an old book i wasn’t able to find frit 3134 anymore so substituted Frit 4124 and hoped i would still get the stable coffee/cream medium-gloss glaze.

My thinking was that because they are both borosilicate frits, then read this  (Frit 3134 is similar to 3124 but without Al2O3) on digitalfire and this from Waikato Ceramics Borax Frit 4124  (Formula: Ferro 4124 (was 3124) that i would substitute frit 4124 for frit 3134, i thought i had it worked out, but nope i must have used the wrong one.

Even more confusing to me was the blue that popped up all over the other things in the kiln like these ones…maybe there was too much cobalt carbonate flying around the kiln?

I did get a fab result on my buddha head though!


I am determined to learn the answer, but for now it is a conundrum, if you have any ideas for me i would love to see your comment!

Dec 6th…did i use a clear frit instead of an opaque one? Is there such a thing? Can i opacify it now or just start again?

Dec 7th…before i change anything else, i decided i will have to be patient and just do another lot of tests “without over firing” the glaze this time…it could be that simple, you never know. As for the blue thats still a mystery for now.


Rumpot Commission

Experimented with shapes on the wheel first, need a bit more practice to get the 3 litre volume though, allowing for shrinkage of the clay, it is a bit bigger than i can do right now but ended up with a cute litle sugar bowl..


I decided to handbuild it instead, a bit more work involved but i like the result.  It even got me all inspired to make myself one, its just what i need !