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How do you do a sawdust firing?

Well, i don’t know either but am not going to let that stop me!  A google search makes me think it’s do-able, are these famous last words ha ha?

Am working up to doing one in the backyard over the holidays for a bit of fun, just have to keep an eye out for fire bans. Have a few bricks lying around and a paving slab for the top of the kiln, and made a few small random items out of different clays, ones I’m not too precious about, and am going to do a low bisque first just just to help them survive the experiment 🙂


Sawdust firing hopefuls!

Have some oxides for washes, will burnish a couple of the pieces, oohed with delight when i found some copper wire in my nephew’s electronic bits n bobs draw, have some salt in the cupboard, some steel wool in the sink, masking tape and of course can’t forget the sawdust…so almost ready to go.  I do wish that i had some horsehair though, all i have in the back yard are a dog, a cat and some chickens and i don’t know that they shed anything useful for a sawdust firing!

First though, is working out a nice glaze for the Christmas ham, food fun and pressies!

Merry Xmas everyone and see you when i get back 🙂