My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Teaching Angels in a new clay


This time we used a white stoneware clay at earthenware temperatures to hold the white..not completely white though..has a yellow tinge. Still a very different look to the terracotta and okay for handbuilding. Will just need to review the scratch and slip technique, with a bit of TLC and some extra halos they will be fine.

Some great creative expressions going on with these ones too 🙂




Rumpot Commission

Experimented with shapes on the wheel first, need a bit more practice to get the 3 litre volume though, allowing for shrinkage of the clay, it is a bit bigger than i can do right now but ended up with a cute litle sugar bowl..


I decided to handbuild it instead, a bit more work involved but i like the result.  It even got me all inspired to make myself one, its just what i need !





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Super excited for tomorrow!

Am adding updates for students so that you can see the journey your creations go through, i hope you enjoy them 🙂

Tomorrow i will be doing a class for pottery, super excited.

This will be my first adult class with 6 artiststs who normally use different  mediums, just a little bit daunting 🙂

I am just hoping that i can translate some pottery joy and inspiration on the day!

Update: some pictures of the workshop i took today. I really enjoyed it and got such a buzz out of helping people get creative. We worked with texture, underglazes and even some handmade beads….

Update:  just a quick smooth of edges and holes with a wet sponge, to make sure there are no sharp edges, and the pieces are just starting to lose some of their moisture.  The drying needs to be a slow process especially with flat pieces to reduce the stress on the clay.

 Update: the pieces have now been shifted onto a wire rack (a.k.a my fire surround) to get some air circulating around the flat pieces.  As the water comes out of the underglaze colours they look quite different and brighten up again after the final firing.


Update: Saturday i put the pieces in the kiln for their first firing or bisque firing, there was still a bit of moisture in the clay, you can check this by holding it up to your cheek and if it feels cold it is not completely dry. So i did a very long and slow firing with an hour of candling at the beginning, this is where i fire the kiln with the lid open to let some of the moisture escape. This is where the chemical change happens in the clay that hardens it and changes colour. Sunday evening after cooling the kiln till it is just warm, i unpacked the kiln ready for the next step.


 Update: With the bisque done and a nice sunny day, Monday is glazing day.

Now it is Tuesday and i am waiting for the kiln to finish cooling to see the results before i bring them in in Thursday!

Had a tiny issue with a piece of number 8 wire masquerading as a piece of kanthal wire! Got creative though and now one bead, has an embedded loop ready for hanging.

Great results, will share after the students have seen and added their bits and bobs 🙂

Glazed pieces from the kiln

Unfortunately there is a little bit of colour difference in the clay and the heatwork from the top to the bottom of the kiln.

I love the painterly colouring and textures with the terracotta coming through that the ladies acheived!


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Pottery Workshop Sculptures

Just went to another fabulous workshop at the pottery club this weekend. Handbuilding animals with Fiona Tunnicliffe. It was such a pleasure (though a bit daunting) to watch an experienced potter working on pieces when they are in the zone!

Day One was inspired by my Baxter Baby, i thought it was time he had another dog to keep him company, so this was the perfect chance, and with a lot of help he even looks like a Beagle! Then again i might be biased 🙂

Day Two we were lucky enough to have the company of the most georgous chihuahua, very handy indeed when a few of us were sculpting dogs, to have a live model. Attached the head and beautiful floppy beagle ears and then got inspired to make a pig to keep Baxter and the chooks company, but i am reserving judgement on my effort there.



Baxter posing for his sculpture 🙂




Almost finished the sculpting part, here is Grumpy Piglet.



Grumpy Bum.


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Kereru taking shape now

Well, my cheeky little NZ wood pigeon or Kereru is starting to take form now.  So much more satisfying to know he came from a ball of scrunched up paper too 🙂  will have to get the tools out to finish him off but first step done.


Bit of a cheeky look


When will I graduate from the Daisy bush to the Rimu tree over there?


Eyes and beak done now…got my eye on you 🙂

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Glaze tests – some definite maybes

Have been wondering about glazing these hand built bottles for a while because I really like the shape I got from combining the hand building of the bottom and the wheel to turn the top of the neck. I thought it might be a shame to bury them out of sight 🙂 this time!


Some definite maybes, like the copper carbonate.

I originally built them as “Olla” where the point is to leave them unglazed, bury them in your garden or pots up to the neck and fill them with water.  It is a really good way of conserving water over summer and ensuring that your plants get fed directly from the roots which they love too. Will definitely be making some more for my summer garden 🙂

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Spatially: Part Three


Scoring and slipping to add the coils.

Have gone from the thinking to the doing on the big pot and into the fun part, but the heading doesn’t fit anymore! Oh well, as my new favourite cushion says “Dont Worry be Happy” 🙂


Attaching the rolls of soft clay, paddling and smoothing.


The shoulder beginning to take shape. Time to let it sit for a bit now under plastic so the new clay and the old clay get aquainted. Makes for a stronger join.