My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Glazing Fun



Checking the glaze thickness before I start out.


Here is one of the large chooks going through its transformation.

Glazing the wheel thrown bowls, pierced pedestal bowl and hand formed plates.

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Took a bit of artistic license again with the fantail!

This time I thought red wings and blue eyes!


Little miss turtle, not a part of the totem just there to test out the chrome oxide.

I felt like a bit of colour on this totem pole so am revisiting the coloured slips. I haven’t always had the result I wanted with the coloured slips on bisque so in sheer frustration I gave up doing it in favour of doing it at the green ware stage.  This time I have used it thinned right down to almost a wash, and painted several coats.  Tomorrow I get to test out the new airgun for the clear glaze, looks like it has a bigger nozzle than the old one so have high hopes for that too!

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Notes, scribbles and glazing today.

If they dry in time i might load and fire but at the rate i’m going with my scribbling i doubt it 🙂

She has a few cracks but then so do I :-) Trying the bronze oxide on this one.

She has developed a few cracks but then so have I 🙂 Trying the bronze oxide on this one.

Trying out some rutile in the clear this time to see how it reacts with the cobalt etc.

Trying out some rutile in the clear this time to see how it reacts with the cobalt and hope it gives a bit more depth.

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Loading the kiln, test tiles and an old sculpture!

DSC02081Thought it was time I did some tests of my coloured slips put on at the greenware stage, along with flowers and butterflies again.  For a change I didn’t have enough to fill a bisque load, normally I have a mad scramble trying to work out how to squeeze it all in.

This sent me on a hunt, in the dark, in the shed looking for just one thing for the top shelf and I found it! A stoneware sculpture I had done so long ago I couldn’t remember when and didn’t have the heart to throw it because it was the first one I had tried that didn’t fall apart.  I was a bit concerned about firing it along with the others because I had made it around tightly wadded, tied and taped newspaper so thought I should take at least some of it out.

Well now I know when I made it, 2003 it says, that gave me a little buzzy trip down memory lane 🙂