My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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On the weekend I gave my youngest chook to a friend. A little reluctantly because she was my favourite and really young when i got her, and grew into a beautiful healthy looking chook, she was a beautiful orange colour and twice the size of the other three.

Well, as it turns out,  a chook, even a brown shaver is not usually that tall and log legged, and it’s tail does not grow that way, and the combs are not like that, and the other chooks went clucky for a reason.

I didn’t have a beautiful amazonian red haired chook, i had a rooster!!!


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One extreme to the other with the chooks!

First one went off the lay and got clucky and stopped laying, so I gave it 5 fertile eggs to satisfy that urge.  That left me with one chook nesting and the other chook laying in the same nest, all good until the one chick that did hatch got pecked and didn’t make it.  So, after realising no more would hatch I removed all 10 eggs. Why 10?, because at that stage I managed to get them all mixed up, turned out only 2 had been fertilised anyway, but that happens. Only now, in the middle of spring, I have 2 chooks that are protesting the removal of said eggs and will not lay, either of them!

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Fertile eggs for the clucky chook!

Thanks to a lovely neighbour my silly chook now has 5 fertile eggs to brood over instead of the dud ones the other chook has been laying for her.  Excited to see how she goes!

Day five: All is going well with her so far, she is still nesting and the other chook has now started to lay in the box next to her so I don’t need to disturb her to get the new ones.  Two clever little chooks.


Clucky Chooks

I have been waiting for the chooks to grow their combs and hoping  that eggs would follow. Hoping it might be soon as they’re getting very talkative clucking everytime I see them and making little nesting holes in the dirt, crossing fingers.

DSC02189 DSC02190 DSC02193

Colours are changing and looking very pretty, still don’t know what breed they are though.  Any ideas Henny Penny?

Made a bigger run for them which now needs a lid I think as they both went wandering, The smaller one stayed  in the yard and I herded it back in easily but the bigger darker one explored the neighbourhood for a couple of days before I caught it. Ratbags.