My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Unpacked and like it this time :-)

Especially the chook feeders, with clear glaze inside, and my 2 new favourite glaze colour mixes, with any luck my scales read accurately enough to mix them again!

“I will need to talk to my lucky elephant again though because just as this load reached temperature, thank goodness it did that, something completely new went wrong with the controller just after it was fixed??!”

Only a loose connection, I am a happy girl, no freak outs today 🙂


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Chooky Chooks Lucky Day

Wonder if they will be as excited as me 🙂

Update Saturday: well chookies have learned to use their new containers and no more scratching in the mud for grain but I don’t think they’re happy as they have gone off the lay?  So I am revamping the run for them, maybe that will help!