My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Tai chi and bird feeders


I have had a good night tonight.  I feel all balanced after my tai chi class, where i sometimes remember the moves and sometimes know my left from my right, but not too sure if the bird feeders i made tonite will be balanced.  At least I am 🙂

Normally i would have made 3 points to hang up these birdfeeders but the shape of them didn’t suit it so these ones are a bit of an experiment, will have to see how to string them when they’re done, might have to wire them instead, or just re-design them.


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Soda firing in the woodkiln results…

At last the final stage of my latest creations, they have been on quite a journey and the ladies are still standing 🙂 I really like the depth of the glaze, the variation in tones, the result on texture and the accumulation of soda on the faces.

What do you think, feel free to leave me comment?


Hope, Joy, Aspire ladies.


Swirly candelabra.


Chamber candlesticks.


Cheeky Kiwi and chamber candlesticks.


Small faces with fittings to hang.


Small faces line up.





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Working on the new bowls today

I enjoy this bit even though it is the time I am most likely to break them 🙂

The clay has done a lot of it’s drying now and is starting to get more fragile so its time to be gentle and slow armed with different sizes of cut up sponge and some water to smooth out each pierced hole individually, clean up the foot and add some more carving.


Using the sponge and water to get rid of the harsh cut edges.


Foot turned on the wheel, then added onto the hand built bowl.


Rough hand cut look before smoothing.


The first smoothing session done on the holes, this foot was made from a slab of clay and textured with a home made bisque stamp.


No holes in this one, just the bisque stamps, a slab built foot and a bit of carving.

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Working on 2 new sculptures

Well, actually I have been working on 4 sculptures.  Two of them ended up as casualties 🙂

By the time I had made and recycled the second one, I had worked out how to keep them balanced and weighted at the bottom to make them support themselves.  All part of the process of getting it from the brain, to the paper, to the clay.

Hoping to have them ready for the pop up gallery in Paeroa but don’t want to force the drying time on these so not too sure.

Just have the hearts growing in the pinch pots to go on them now, I am thinking “nurture” and “grow” do they need a name though?

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Spraying ceramic glaze

Playing around with the spray gun today. Slowly getting the hang of it after leaks and blockages and the adaptor hose popping off and realising my DIY spray booth doesn’t cut it. One of my messier experiments 🙂  Am starting to remember why its been in a cupboard for a couple of years!

The experiment went pretty well I think!

Just need to work out a better way to see glaze coverage, was so fine I can’t see it going on, maybe the gun tip is too small?


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Majollica paste – my “geusstimate”

Similar to a clay cunnngham post in ceramic arts daily, but i dont want the firing temperature to be cone 05, so my geusstimate is to just use 200g fritt 4124 with 80ml water and a splash of saturated epsom salts. Then i will add stain till i like the colour. Its a geusstimate because im learning as i go and wonder if its the gertsley borate that lowers firing temp and hoping that the same fritt in both glaze and paste is a good idea.
Mixing only today coz its far too muggy do do anything else till tomorrow