My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Woodfire with Duncan and Charade

Just amazing to be part of this wood firing, and in awe of the process and I thought my firings in my little electric kiln were labour intensive!

This was the culmination of work the pottery club did at Charade’s Candlestick workshop a while back using a white sculptural clay. It was a nice grogged clay to work with for hand building and just might use it again.


After the workshop I also made my “all about the heart” sculptures and small carved masks and mini Buddha heads out of the same clay.


Saturday was all about applying the glazes by brushing and dipping and slip was sprayed onto the pieces that have had their first bisque firing done. Some of them here waiting for loading.

glaze done

Then between us all, each with our little jobs from rolling balls of wadding, attaching balls to the bottom of each piece and passing down the line to be loaded into the kiln. Charade  waiting for the next pieces to load, camera shy but you get the idea.

charade loading kiln

The inside of the kiln is a work of art in itself with all the glaze, soda and ash (I think) from previous firings coating the bricks ! Can just see my little kiwi candlestick facing the front I wonder how it will fare with his wonky beak?


The masks and all about the hearts going in.

This view is from inside the throat of the firing chamber where we put the wood in, into the main part of the kiln.


Now the kiln is full Duncan temporarily covers the entrance with mud and bricks. Then a final covering ready for lighting this morning.



Kay and I were first on the roster this morning to light the kiln.

No pressure 🙂

My first job, appeasing the kiln gods with a bunch of flowers then cutting a wheelbarrow of kindling.

for the kiln gods

Well at least I didn’t embarrass myself, I can still light a fire!


One more to light and once they got going it was time for the next shift and some lunch, I wonder how they’re going?

lighting the chambers

Opening in a few days time!


Little things for the woodfire

Just took the little heart statues out of the kiln this morning. Different design but they are still all about the heart. This time I have named them Joy who looked like she was dancing with abandon though now has a bit of a lean so will have to see where that goes, Aspire is still reaching up and Hope still is.


Planning to put these and the collection of little masks in with the candle sticks. Might do some oxide to help the texture come up, not sure yet though.

Now off to search for some pallets!