My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Must make room for the Angels

I have been loading the kiln for a bisque fire today, all done by 8pm.  What are the standing Angels for The Domain Christmas Craft Market still doing over there!



Okay, so it isn’t all done, one more re-arrange of the kiln to make room for the Angels and it will be, did i really start loading at 11am 🙂

Caffeine or sleep …..hmmm?



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A photograph of hopeful!

DSC02770 (2)


So many things have been happening lately and on so many planes of life, I have only just managed to keep up and however much it called the pottery didn’t even get a look in.

Today though,  I feel like I am starting to “get all my  little ducks in a row” and am feeling hopeful this will work for me 🙂