My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Normally i can count to six :-)

Well not tonite !

I toodled off to the shed with my number of pots that matched my number of glazes, to try out the replacement mini airgun but when I came out of the shed I only had 5 pots and 2 extra glazes.

The gun sprays like it should so that’s a plus but I am confused and obviously cannot count. Oh well maybe tomorrow things will add up 🙂

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New airbrush = new headache and a bit of a chuckle.

Tested it out today with some thinned down clear glaze, got the job done but just as frustrating as the last one that ended up living in the cupboard for 2 years….ggrrr.

The headache this time was that to stop the glaze or even water from squirting out and popping the lid off the paint cup, I had to hold it on. Not sure that the air should be backwashing into the cup?

I had to chuckle to myself though, when I tried to find instructions for a similar no name brand and learned that to adjust the thickness of the spraying line, I should turn it either deasil or withershins.  What !!

Some translations are just so cute you have to laugh 🙂