My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Weekly Photo Challenge:Weight(less)

Does this kiln look weightless to you I wonder?  The two burly men that dropped it off must think so!


Would it really have been that hard for them to take it off the pallet for me instead of throwing their hands in the air saying “not my responsibility”?!

I might be all of fight foot nothing and a woman used to doing things herself-but really-it’s not weightless now is it ?!!






Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


My treasure is this little creature.  Still amazes me to see them grow from the tiniest specks that show up on my swan plants, feel like i have a hand in something positive and hopeful and wonderous  While i run around them, making sure they have enough shelter and food, even if i have to transfer them by hand to leafier plants, moving the plant so they have just the right amount of sun, but not too much. Ive been known to chase them around the yard like a silly chook trying to photograph all their different stages, as if its the first time ive seen it happen.  The funny thing is that all the while i know they dont really need me to help, that they are just humouring me with the odd good pose, they know exactly what they are doing, somehow, just at this time of year!