My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Grounding potatoes.

There is nothing more “grounding” than digging up potatoes so you can have them for dinner, and I needed that today 🙂


I don’t remember what the dark ones were but I must have left them in the ground a bit long the skins were really thick and rough and sadly had to peel them. The skin was a dark purple and the flesh had lovely streaks of purple through it.

The state of me after doing this would have been worth a photo but it would have been a bit embarrassing…just imagine muddy streaks all around my face in all different patterns, up my arms and up my sleeves, all down my front, in my shoes and somehow even filled up my shirt. Very grounding indeed.


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Sunflowers and Spirals Today

Inspired by the sunflowers and spirals today, exhausted but happy 🙂




A couple of weeks ago I  had enough of the weeds so got some weed mat put down, this week I got tired of looking at the weed mat, what a surprise!

So my creative solution for that one is stone spirals, turns out it’s not the best thing to do when you are supposed to be taking it easy but I couldn’t resist.

Spotting the sunflowers coming out and a nana nap perked me up a bit so all good.