My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Impulse and inspiration today

I have been thinking about making frogs and want to make native NZ ones instead of the classic shape i see.  I could probably find a picture on NZ Forest and Bird but there is so much more fun to it when you get to study them in person.

The impulse was that i went out for one thing, and came home with another thing, as you do. I don’t even have a pond,  but i came home with tadpoles……of course !

A bit of rush DIY pond making later, riverstones out of the garden, duckweed, some rainwater and my pottery and they have a home to transform in.

Update: well it is not as pretty one but after 3 tries i found a container that didn’t have holes for me to plug, so the tadpoles, baby fish and plants from the river can keep their water 🙂

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Trying to be good today

So this is me trying to be good 🙂 I raided the garden for a salad tonight!


I found my favourite thing out there, a nobbly tomato. I was sure I planted some beef stakes but seem to have everything else but those. I keep trying to find tomatoes like they used to be and should be, tasty and nobbly just the right size for a slice of bread but I can never seem to find them.  At least I know these will taste far better than the supermarket pretenders 🙂