My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Pecking order is brutal

I have managed to upset the pecking order of the chooks instantly today and it was a brutal business, i still have 3 chooks and a growing baby chook.

I just hope they can work it out themselves overnight but i am so nervous it’s ridiculous.


I am not entirely sure why but the mother hen, and the other hen who played second fiddle to the black one, both have blood all down their fronts, the baby is fine thank god. Maybe the black chook has had a go at both of them? Or they have had a go at each other through the fence which is covered in blood too?

God knows what i will find in the morning, the only thing i do know is it wasn’t Baxer, i didn’t expect to have to worry about the chooks injuring each other that badly!

HAPPY UPDATE: i am so relieved for the chooks today, there was a bit of grumbling but i think they have settled on their places.  By bedtime the mother hen was in the nesting box with her baby and the two other chooks were both sleeping on the roost WHEW!

HORRIBLE CHOOKS: a rough day today, this morning the chooks stopped pecking each other and had a go at the baby, too viciously for it to survive, what is it with cruel chooks?!




Somebody wants the little one to come out and play!

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UPDATE: the little one is growing fast, starting to see the fluffy feet now. Despite the “help” from Baxter though i probably shouldn’t have started the game “help me feed the chook chooks baby” 😉

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Chook family?

With any luck there will be a little one running around soon. Chook is trying once again to be a surrogate mum, a couple of hours ago the clucky one got off the nest for dinner (thats her in the background) i could hear clicking and just a small crack in the shell? so maybe?!


She did it! I woke up to this little one this morning 🙂

dsc03420 dsc03421

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Chook Ladder

This was me today trying to lure chooks to their new digs, one worked it out but had a bit of trouble with rungs being too far apart, so a few more rungs were needed,  thanks to my brother weilding the hammer.


It is surprisingly frustrating not to be able to hammer a nail in..such a basic thing and i am missing it, and of course not being able to wedge any clay just adds insult to injury!

That should keep the Baxter out of their pottery chook feeder.

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Too much for me and the chooks

Thankfully it is not cold but it is raining, good for the seedlings but not the greatest for me and the chooks!


The poor things have decided to gaurd the nest they made under the rose bush again, rain or not. I also gave away the rooster so the eggs won’t even be fertile, the silly chooks.

I had planned on today being “moving day” for them as i only have the gate left to put on their new home and run, i just didn’t want to get drenched myself. “One more night to go chooks”

And for me the muggy rain means a lot of moisture is still in the air, so the clay projects from the class are very slow at drying.  The water can’t evaporate into wet air, mid summer is another story with trying to slow it down.

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Tiny home….

Making a little bit of progress on the chooks new tiny home.

I want to have a bit of fun with this one and i might just paint it some crazy fun colours and make it into some garden art.

The tongue and groove roof is on now and i almost want to move into it myself, with its three stories, cozy nesting box, sheltered roosting balcony, pitched roof and rustic looking staircase!

Next little bit done was putting some old retro patterned lino on the roosting deck and closed in the nesting box. Hopefully i can just get the hose onto the lino to clean.

I wish i had the stamina to do it all in one go because at this rate it will end up being their new summer home when it was meant to be their new winter home. Plus i can’t wait to decorate it for them 🙂

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On the weekend I gave my youngest chook to a friend. A little reluctantly because she was my favourite and really young when i got her, and grew into a beautiful healthy looking chook, she was a beautiful orange colour and twice the size of the other three.

Well, as it turns out,  a chook, even a brown shaver is not usually that tall and log legged, and it’s tail does not grow that way, and the combs are not like that, and the other chooks went clucky for a reason.

I didn’t have a beautiful amazonian red haired chook, i had a rooster!!!


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Chooks and Beagle

dandelion copyright

Someone’s been eating dandelions 🙂

baxter following chook

First Baxter follows the chook……

chook following Baxter

……then the chook follows Baxter!

chook hiding

Meanwhile in the grapefruit tree.


A little bit done on the nesting box and top storey, while they played.

Update: Trying to pick myself up and re-focus and what do I see? A little bit of a chook comb poking into the right hand side of the picture above…the chook was checking up on my progress 🙂


Found the nest!

Yesterday I found 9 eggs from the three roaming chooks hiding under the rose bush.  Odd that they suddenly start to lay again in the middle of winter. My chooks do seem to just do things in their own funny little way.

I only have one little rose bush as I hate thorns, so it had to be there didn’t it, the little ratbags 🙂