My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Blue and Green Glazes

I put one of my bits of broken pottery in the last firing as a test, they might not come out the same, since i won’t be doing a hold which will make the firing lower and the results different.

But i like some of the blues and greens for the next lot of birds, and we will see how they go.

Maybe thet’s why i liked chemistry as a kid? the experimenting is fun part!

img_20190127_144936 (2)

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Pottery for the exhibition

That is except for the lidded jar! I love how the copper carbonate came out, the actual jar and lid though, are fused together and can’t be opened 🙂 woops.

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This one was a bit of a learning curve with the firing temperature, doing a hold may have been a mistake because I over-fired the clay i think? There are a couple of things i don’t like and will try to re-glaze and no holding on next one will help.

A few more things to fire but I’m nearly ready for the big day!