My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Pottery club day….

Any one would think i didn’t want to go to pottery club today, so not true, but yet again i’m not there and i am getting frustrated with myself!

Once again i sorted through the tools i would be using the night before to save some time, spent forever trying to decide what i was going to make and how, i decided to make one of my “its all about the heart ladies” just in a little bit of a different way.

Do you think i could sleep ? So i got out the exercise ball then did some taichi breathing, then the enchanted garden guided meditation ate  bread and butter pudding all night. So eventually i got to sleep and eventually i woke up…late!

I did go to pottery though..yay, only i got down the road and had to come back to get what i forgot, realised it was rubbish day, went out again, got down the road  and had to go back for something else i had forgotten.

At this stage i am hot, bothered, irritated, class is nearly over, everyone would be going home, i’m exhausted, sit down and just can’t do it anymore.

So here i am…not at pottery club, rats!





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Playing with birdfeeder designs

I changed my mind about the way i am going to hang the birdfeeders.


I tested out one and although it felt pretty stable with string, i played around with two of them today, leaving one with little steps on either side for the birds to perch on as they feed.


Here is the first design i started with, similar to my chook feeders but a bit more like a traditional birdfeeder with cover from the rain…i like this one too, just not really sure how to glaze this one.





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Tai chi and bird feeders


I have had a good night tonight.  I feel all balanced after my tai chi class, where i sometimes remember the moves and sometimes know my left from my right, but not too sure if the bird feeders i made tonite will be balanced.  At least I am 🙂

Normally i would have made 3 points to hang up these birdfeeders but the shape of them didn’t suit it so these ones are a bit of an experiment, will have to see how to string them when they’re done, might have to wire them instead, or just re-design them.


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This year i scattered seeds from last year, only a few of them have taken though, so next best thing this year is to make some out of clay.

I dried a few of last years seed heads to plant out again and at the same time i made a couple of bisque molds of the seed heads.  I  have been using them for the centre of my new flowers.



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Potting under the tree

Here is the new favourite spot i promised to show you.

Baxter has been keeping me company, i miss him when i’m out there,  but he still thinks he’s on duty and barks his head off..we need to work on that somehow?

I also got my ancient sewing machine out and sewed up a teardrop sign for the roadside too…so i just put it out when i am making something and people can come and have a nosy and a chat 🙂


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Pecking order is brutal

I have managed to upset the pecking order of the chooks instantly today and it was a brutal business, i still have 3 chooks and a growing baby chook.

I just hope they can work it out themselves overnight but i am so nervous it’s ridiculous.


I am not entirely sure why but the mother hen, and the other hen who played second fiddle to the black one, both have blood all down their fronts, the baby is fine thank god. Maybe the black chook has had a go at both of them? Or they have had a go at each other through the fence which is covered in blood too?

God knows what i will find in the morning, the only thing i do know is it wasn’t Baxer, i didn’t expect to have to worry about the chooks injuring each other that badly!

HAPPY UPDATE: i am so relieved for the chooks today, there was a bit of grumbling but i think they have settled on their places.  By bedtime the mother hen was in the nesting box with her baby and the two other chooks were both sleeping on the roost WHEW!

HORRIBLE CHOOKS: a rough day today, this morning the chooks stopped pecking each other and had a go at the baby, too viciously for it to survive, what is it with cruel chooks?!