My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Throwing off the hump

To test a new glaze and some old glazes on the new clay i needed some test tiles.  Normally i do flat ones with a texture on them but they are a bit, one dimensional and i find it hard to imagine how it will look on a real pot.

So here are some mini, wonky pots thrown off the hump with Rumpot number 2 that i just had to make for myself 🙂



Rumpot Commission

Experimented with shapes on the wheel first, need a bit more practice to get the 3 litre volume though, allowing for shrinkage of the clay, it is a bit bigger than i can do right now but ended up with a cute litle sugar bowl..


I decided to handbuild it instead, a bit more work involved but i like the result.  It even got me all inspired to make myself one, its just what i need !





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Must make room for the Angels

I have been loading the kiln for a bisque fire today, all done by 8pm.  What are the standing Angels for The Domain Christmas Craft Market still doing over there!



Okay, so it isn’t all done, one more re-arrange of the kiln to make room for the Angels and it will be, did i really start loading at 11am 🙂

Caffeine or sleep …..hmmm?