My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Playing with the Angels

The first angels i made were little short chubby ones in terracotta which i love, yesterday i thought i would revisit making them in a different style out of a smooth white clay. The  basic templates i made from coloured card might need a bit of adjusting before i make the next one.

It’s a bit trickier to work with but the colour response with coloured slips and oxides should be really good.



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Glazing Fun

Next are the large chooks going through their transformation….




Checking the glaze thickness before I start.


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Chook Ladder

This was me today trying to lure chooks to their new digs, one worked it out but had a bit of trouble with rungs being too far apart, so a few more rungs were needed,  thanks to my brother weilding the hammer.


It is surprisingly frustrating not to be able to hammer a nail in..such a basic thing and i am missing it, and of course not being able to wedge any clay just adds insult to injury!

That should keep the Baxter out of their pottery chook feeder.

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Why a box of matches?

My beautiful, cheeky, not very well trained beagle Baxter,especially with the drop command, decided on Friday that i was not going to get “his” prized possession, a full box of matches! I don’t get it, why bite the hand that feeds him …over a box of matches of all things!!  It was only small but got far enough into the base of my thumb/palm to get the muscle infected, not a good look but responding to antibios, a wee miracle on fingolimod.

Naturally i’ve been through a raft of emotions about my baby, mostly distressing, and he has only just started sitting next to me again, he wouldn’t even sleep on the bed the first night, or even tentatively look at me till the next day, with his reaction i don’t think he meant to connect, he was just determined i wasn’t even going to try get the matches off him.

So…I have discovered there are some things i cannot do one handed, or with my left hand ie. wedge the bag of stoneware clay scraps, catch the chooks, hammer nails to finish the coop, type, have a quick shower with a broken shower head and not flood the bathroom, turn a key, knead the pizza dough for last nights dinner, start a new sculpture for the Art Waikino Award.

Deflated by a box of matches…