My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Chooks and Beagle

dandelion copyright

Someone’s been¬†eating dandelions ūüôā

baxter following chook

First Baxter follows the chook……

chook following Baxter

……then the chook follows Baxter!

chook hiding

Meanwhile in the grapefruit tree.


A little bit done on the nesting box and top storey, while they played.

Update: Trying to pick myself up and re-focus and what do I see? A little bit of a chook comb poking into the right hand side of the picture above…the chook was checking up on my progress ūüôā


Found the nest!

Yesterday I found 9 eggs from the three roaming chooks hiding under the rose bush.  Odd that they suddenly start to lay again in the middle of winter. My chooks do seem to just do things in their own funny little way.

I only have one little rose bush as I hate thorns, so it had to be there didn’t it, the little ratbags¬†ūüôā

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Chook Dilemma



I’m having a bit of a dilemma with my chooks.

Three of them are determined to free¬†range, hanging out in the fruit trees and the vege garden, the one that can’t fly just yet stays home and poops in the nesting boxes! They have stopped galavanting around town now, which is a positive, they even have an understanding with the beagle who just noses and sniffs them as long as they don’t run, then he rounds them all back to the pen.¬† They swan in twice a day for food and water, ¬†fly back into the pen,¬†play with the lonely chook for half an hour, then pop out again.


Baxter the Beagle brought an egg into the¬†kitchen for me yesterday and the day before, he did well with the first one which was only slightly cracked, the second didn’t fare so well, plus he neglected to tell me where he got them :-).

The thing is they haven’t layed for a long time, they insisted on roosting and pooping in their nice straw filled nests ¬†instead and I want the eggs, but I want all four of the chooks happy as well!

I am hoping that building my own chook house where the nesting boxes are lower than the roosting bars will stop that. Maybe a ladder so they can come and go without letting the Baxter Beagle in too, or enclose it so none of them can roam, but that would be a bit sad?!

How I will accomplish it, ¬†I don’t know yet but today I started¬†by¬†making a hinged door¬†on my old DIY bath stand.


The door to nowhere ūüôā

Update: today’s little bit, now it’s a door to half a nesting box with a board to stop the eggs rolling out the door.¬† Optimistic I know!

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Inspiration by chook

Trying to make myself scarce for an hour this morning¬†turned into a good thing.¬†¬†It led to a play with the chooks which led to the scraps in a bag of clay, a quick sketch and this serious looking girl ūüôā

DSC02909 (1)

Yesterday was hand building again, small Tui, Fantails and a nz gecko. I may turn a couple of the fantail pieces¬†into chooks instead though,¬†since I like this one, she looks a bit like the boss of the roost, just like 3 of my 4 chooks ūüôā