My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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It’s all about the heart Ladies

These new ones came out of the pottery club kiln last week, I was hoping the overall colour wouldn’t be too overpowering and I like the pale green 🙂

These were sparked off by a workshop with Diane Parker.  We were making raku figures with an internal structure for strength. I stopped at the structure and added a heart growing in a plant pot instead.

It still feels like all the important, meaningful things are already there. A strong feminine form that doesn’t need all the cosmetic pretty bits and fru fru, just the heart that will continue to grow with the right conditions. It’s all about the heart.

IMG_20160623_124628 (1)IMG_20160623_124712 (1)




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A bit of colour on the wheel

Finishing off the small pots I started last week and felt like a bit of colour to brighten me up. So these ones have a bit of  white slip coloured with cobalt and red pigment stain, like an underglaze painted on at the un-fired clay stage. Left the bases clear of colour, just because I like the terracotta colour too!

Have left these a bit long and they dried out too much as you can see in the photos, but I got there. I would normally turn the top of the pot one day and carve the foot the next when the clay has firmed up and is still a little softer, but stuff just happens on it’s own timetable sometimes and gets in the way:-)




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Little bits here and there

Need to have a catch up soon, but these are some of the little bits that I have been doing  here and there. I used a mixture of wood stamps, a crochet lace doily and my own hand made stamps as well. Invariably I forgot to put holes in some but a drill tool fixed that.

The pieces have been drying out now for a few weeks. Tonight was about rounding out all of the cut edges and holes for pendants to hang, without the cords catching and smoothing the backs so they will sit comfortably. These are now ready for their first bisque firing in the kiln.

Maybe I will have pottery dreams tonight 🙂