My pottery creations on and off the wheel.


Stop, Drop and Roll around in a tantrum!

Not in that order and not quite a tantrum, but it is time to stop. I should always know it’s time to stop when my spatial awareness goes, I get tired and sore¬†and I drop things.

Guess what I did?

I wanted to do just one more thing before I finished, then I dropped 2 kiln posts, and the middle shelf fell sideways onto the bottom shelf, both full, and of course I broke stuff. Thankfully those ones were only going to be moulds so no need for an actual tantrum, but I am stopping!

Update: a couple of hours and a change of scenery and I went back to it, and with the broken stuff gone, I managed to fit in everything I¬†wanted to. Just unloaded and all good ūüôā

Monday: Well almost, seems a bit under fired, more like an 05 bisque instead of an 04 looking at the colour of the clay? I feel another test coming on before a full glaze load!


Fun on the wheel

Just had some fun teaching a friend’s daughter how to use the pottery wheel, for the first time no less.

One test run to get the feel of the way the clay moves on a basic cylinder I made to demonstrate.  Then the clever little thing centred, pulled up, smoothed and shaped, and cut from the wheel head, a lovely even little bowl. Will be turning the foot next week.

So impressed!¬†¬†Put me to shame ūüôā

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Unpacked and like it this time :-)

Especially the chook feeders, with clear glaze inside, and my 2 new favourite glaze colour mixes, with any luck my scales read accurately enough to mix them again!

“I will need to talk to my lucky elephant again though because just as this load reached temperature, thank goodness it did that,¬†something¬†completely new went wrong with the controller just after it was fixed??!”

Only a loose connection, I am a happy girl, no freak outs today¬†ūüôā


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Lucky elephant is on duty

Loaded the kiln today, the chook feeder towered over everything else and no amount of juggling and re-arranging could allow a second shelf.

So rather than waste all that space at the top of the kiln, I snuck in a broken shelf “precariously” balanced on one post!¬† I know it is tempting fate a bit, hence the lucky elephant being on duty! Go lucky elephant do your thing!


Here is hoping I don’t end up with one gigantic sculpture from this one ūüôā

Update: did something fall on it, or did I just blow the bottom element¬†because only 5 hours into the firing the bottom element is off…holding my breath?

This one has the tiniest peephole in the side so a bit hard to see but doesn’t look like it has fallen and temp still climbing okay so taking a few tentative breaths.

This morning’s update: well nothing fell down so that’s a plus I should be able to re-fire, but couldn’t reach temperature with only one element going, only got to 800C so no glaze melt no nothing! Oh no another headache!

Thursday update: could have been worse, the relay blew on one element, but the part needs ordering so just hoping I get time to re-fire before the Riding for the Disabled Farmers Market- Waihou on Sunday!