My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

Testing temperature probe

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My new baby is now connected, all of that hoping and nervous sweating, was worth it so far. I think my new lucky elephant key ring with its trunk in the air must have appeased the kiln gods 🙂

Today I am testing if the probe is reading correctly, so far all I know is it reads a temperature, but I don’t know how true it is.  So this time I put 3 cones in 014, 015 and 016 set it to 800C and so I don’t waste the whole firing I also put a few pieces of glass in one of my terrarium pieces.

What I am hoping for is that the glass will slump into a nice little puddle inside the shell, which should happen at cone 015.  I want to see a full bend on the 015 which should be about 800C, if the cone above or the cone below bends instead  I should be able to tell if it is reading too high or too low.

If none of that happens I will be stuck and need another potters help!


Author: Danielle

There are two things that without, I wouldn't recognise my life. One is my cheeky beagle Baxter who answers to all sorts of endearments starting with "B" except his actual name :-) and my pottery. They both make me happy and hopeful.

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