My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Remind me not to do that again!

Well…the glass seed beads were a disaster, were they even glass? They bloated, lost all colour and must have given off some kind of gas to make not so beautiful air bubbles. Will chalk that one up to experience.


Luckily I have just a few more empties, and on the shelf below 2 bottles fused together woops 🙂


Green Garden Man

Too hot to open  but I did it anyway…again!

I just had to see how the green garden man was looking.  This was a bit of a glaze test too at a different temperature and a different application type.  He turned out a lot darker than I thought, that’s down to the application and overall thickness of the glaze and so is the mottling, but my first thought was Jade and I think I quite like that being a NZer 🙂



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Bottles cooling now

Just switched off kiln and am letting the bottles cool naturally overnight.

One of my more nerve wracking experiments, but I am resisting the urge to think about the worst case scenario, just going to look forward to the morning when all will be revealed 😉

Morning update: I couldn’t resist a sneaky peek into the kiln just now, it’s still fairly hot so risked a bit of thermal shock but it was worth it, just had to see if it worked!


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A Potters Washing Day

Washing shelves: have painted a few layers of kiln wash on my kiln shelves, with the aim of catching any accidental drips, drops and slumps so I don’t ruin the shelves.

Washing benches, containers, cloths and glaze mixing stuff from last night after mixing oxides and stains into a base glaze.  Washing works much better than a sweep for kicking up dusty chemicals.

Washing recycled glass bottles for my next experiment.

And of course, the thing none of us can escape, boring old clothes washing.


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Cherry Blossoms

Who says you need spring to enjoy Cherry Blossoms?

I got distracted from pottery today by a tutorial on how to paint them using an old pet bottle, so off I went to the $2 shop for a canvas et voila!

Amongst the tree branches is a Japanese Kanji symbol for Tranquillity which is just what I want for my room!