My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

Creativity, electrician or plumber?


Creative urge first,  packed the teeny tiny kiln up for a bisque to do tomorrow, energy willing.

Luckily I didn’t sell that one or my creative urge would be completely stunted, still not sure how to deal with the wiring issue yet so am sticking with the teeny tiny till I do.

Just when I thought I only had the electrician to save for, I now have to get the plumber in tomorrow for the loo, give me strength.

Author: Danielle

There are two things that without, I wouldn't recognise my life. One is my cheeky beagle Baxter who answers to all sorts of endearments starting with "B" except his actual name :-) and my pottery. They both make me happy and hopeful.

2 thoughts on “Creativity, electrician or plumber?

  1. Oh lovely, a tiny kiln! I should get one. What does it look like? Can you post pics?

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