My pottery creations on and off the wheel.


Little things for the woodfire

Just took the little heart statues out of the kiln this morning. Different design but they are still all about the heart. This time I have named them Joy who looked like she was dancing with abandon though now has a bit of a lean so will have to see where that goes, Aspire is still reaching up and Hope still is.


Planning to put these and the collection of little masks in with the candle sticks. Might do some oxide to help the texture come up, not sure yet though.

Now off to search for some pallets!

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Calibrating the probe

Well, don’t really know how you are supposed to do it, so just doing it my way as usual 🙂

Getting tired of using cones, so I have re-connected the probe to the teeny tiny kiln and firing it empty with a mini cone 06 inside.  Hoping it won’t take too long and at least give me an idea how accurate the cone is compared to the readout on the probe.

It should make my life easier in one way at least, but after I put the back on the kiln again and was mounting the meter on the wall, I remembered why I took it out 😦

It’s a teeny tiny kiln of course…and the probe takes up so much usable space!

Well that answered that question then, got to 200 after 3 hours surely it should have got higher than that?!

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Trying to be good today

So this is me trying to be good 🙂 I raided the garden for a salad tonight!


I found my favourite thing out there, a nobbly tomato. I was sure I planted some beef stakes but seem to have everything else but those. I keep trying to find tomatoes like they used to be and should be, tasty and nobbly just the right size for a slice of bread but I can never seem to find them.  At least I know these will taste far better than the supermarket pretenders 🙂


Creativity, electrician or plumber?

Creative urge first,  packed the teeny tiny kiln up for a bisque to do tomorrow, energy willing.

Luckily I didn’t sell that one or my creative urge would be completely stunted, still not sure how to deal with the wiring issue yet so am sticking with the teeny tiny till I do.

Just when I thought I only had the electrician to save for, I now have to get the plumber in tomorrow for the loo, give me strength.

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Sunflowers and Spirals Today

Inspired by the sunflowers and spirals today, exhausted but happy 🙂




A couple of weeks ago I  had enough of the weeds so got some weed mat put down, this week I got tired of looking at the weed mat, what a surprise!

So my creative solution for that one is stone spirals, turns out it’s not the best thing to do when you are supposed to be taking it easy but I couldn’t resist.

Spotting the sunflowers coming out and a nana nap perked me up a bit so all good.

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Workshop part 2 with Charade

Duncan and Charade today at the pottery club explaining to us their glazes for the wood firing of our candlesticks. All inspired again and hoping to sneak in my new little masks for fun!

Looking forward to some happy accidents with the slipping, glazing and flashing. Wood firing seems to have a more organic life of it’s own with the flames and atmosphere that you don’t get with electric, fascinating, plus I will get to be a bit of a firebug.

This will be my first actual wood firing experience, so here’s hoping I have the energy to keep up 🙂