My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

Why am i not an electrician..damn it!

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Lots of swearing and grumbling and stamping my foot at myself this morning.  Why am I not an electrician!!!!!

Then I would have known that the wires running from the house to the shed are not big enough to support a draw of 30 amps, just that, or rewire the whole damned shed, everything else was okay just not that.

So today I am thinking, swearing , grumbling and thinking, what to do, not my usual mood!


Author: Danielle

There are two things that without, I wouldn't recognise my life. One is my cheeky beagle Baxter who answers to all sorts of endearments starting with "B" except his actual name :-) and my pottery. They both make me happy and hopeful.

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