My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Not Marge Simpson anymore..

At least I hope now that my Buddha head is finished she looks less like Marge Simpson than she did before, what do you think?


Female Buddha Head.

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Why am i not an electrician..damn it!

Lots of swearing and grumbling and stamping my foot at myself this morning.  Why am I not an electrician!!!!!

Then I would have known that the wires running from the house to the shed are not big enough to support a draw of 30 amps, just that, or rewire the whole damned shed, everything else was okay just not that.

So today I am thinking, swearing , grumbling and thinking, what to do, not my usual mood!

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There is something that happens in summer

With the weight of the world on my shoulders and reading my own blog for a necessary distraction from it all, I have just noticed that there is something that happens with my pottery in summer!

The fun happens, the joy I get from creating, the way things inspire me, the fact that everything seems to inspire me, trying out new ideas and ways of doing things and not being weighed down so much by outcomes, the experiments that go wrong are even a fun experience, the drops and spills and knocks and breakages just are, the enthusiasm to just get into the clay, the processes from nothing to something even seems shorter.

Maybe it’s the Vitamin D ? Maybe it’s the light ?  But something happens in summer with my pottery and it’s good!

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Weekly Photo Challenge:Weight(less)

Does this kiln look weightless to you I wonder?  The two burly men that dropped it off must think so!


Would it really have been that hard for them to take it off the pallet for me instead of throwing their hands in the air saying “not my responsibility”?!

I might be all of fight foot nothing and a woman used to doing things herself-but really-it’s not weightless now is it ?!!





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Working on today..

Today I am working on some smaller garden face masks, I love the big ones but they are a bit heavy to work on.  These new ones are only 5 inches from forehead to chin, so I can sit down in the shade to make them.

The proportions are all different so i’m forward to seeing what their little expressions turn out to be 🙂


Noses in first.



3/5 photographed at a funny angle, and flash doesn’t help, they look better in person.



Just one for today.




Monday: the last one done now and in daylight this time 🙂






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ABC Award :-)

Thank you so much Apple Pie for my very first blog award 🙂

The rules of this blog award are:

1. Display the logo on your bog.

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.

3. Using the alphabet, describe yourself using a word or phrase.

4. Nominate eight deserving bloggers for the award and them of the nomination.

Like Apple I will be adapting this number but by all means do eight if you want to and have fun 🙂

A =adventurous B=brave C=creative D=determined E=emotional F=feeler

G=gardener H=homebody I=intelligent J=just one more try K=keen

L=loving M=mindful N=ninny O=open  P=potter  Q=quiet  R=real  S=soppy

T=tired U=unbelievable V=view from the side line these days W=wonky

X=aiming for it  Y=yearning  Z=where is my Zen?

My nominations for this blog award are :