My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Nice surprise, made my day!

Congratulations to two of our lovely members Colleen Waite and Danielle Fagan, who both received Merit Certificates for their work entered into the Te Aroha Open Art Show, at the Domain House on Saturday. Colleen for her Mixed Media Artwork “Beyond the Dribble” and Danielle for her pottery “Buddha Head”. Well done to you both..

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My Brain had a moment today..

Was getting ready to drop off the pieces I’m entering in the  Te Aroha Art Show for tomorrow.

Garden Gaurdian Mask….check…. Buddha mask…. check….Jewelled Gecko Pot….check….the mosaic stand for the Bronze Totem Pole….check….keys, entry form, pen, me….all check….that’s when I realised I hadn’t put in the actual totem pole!  That’s okay though, because last week I drove to Paeroa specifically to pack it up and bring it home making sure I remembered the stand as well, and I have that.


Bronze Totem Pole and bird feeder



So I raced around the house and the shed and the car like a mad chook, making myself even more late….I’ve lost a whole totem pole!

Really I have! What I can’t work out now is the how and where?

UPDATE: yes it was at the pottery club, now that makes sense, started talking and forgot what I was doing!

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Meet Buttercup!

With all that grass on both sides of the fence something was missing. So last night I painted buttercup the Cow 🙂  Don’t you think she looks right at home, all she needs now are some painted buttercups.


I was a bit worried it wouldn’t look like an actual cow, it must do because my poor dog Baxter went berserk at the new addition to the family. I wasn’t expecting that!