My pottery creations on and off the wheel.


Chooks helping me in the garden

I enlisted the chooks to help me in the garden today and they are having a ball!¬†I don’t know who was having more fun, the chooks finding all those bugs, the dog trying to work out how to get in, or me watching the shenanigans while I hung out the washing ūüôā loved it!


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Brain off..pottery on!

Well that’s todays battle over. I planned for this blog to be just about the pottery because that’s all I wanted to¬†focus on, ¬†the good stuff.¬† Then the beagle and the chooks crept in but that’s good stuff too.¬† The last couple of days though has just been one big old struggle to turn off the negative, but there is only so much one person can¬†be subjected to¬†before getting a bit negative about it all. So¬†I am not judging myself for it, I just have to work harder at it some days.

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One extreme to the other with the chooks!

First one went off the lay and got clucky and stopped laying, so I gave it 5 fertile eggs to satisfy that urge.¬† That left me with one chook nesting and the other chook laying in the same nest, all good until the one chick that did hatch got pecked and didn’t make¬†it.¬† So,¬†after realising no more would hatch I removed¬†all 10 eggs.¬†Why 10?, because¬†at that stage I managed to get them all mixed up, turned out only 2 had been fertilised anyway, but that happens. Only now, in the middle of spring, I have 2 chooks that are protesting the removal of said eggs and will not lay, either of them!