My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Fertile eggs for the clucky chook!

Thanks to a lovely neighbour my silly chook now has 5 fertile eggs to brood over instead of the dud ones the other chook has been laying for her.  Excited to see how she goes!

Day five: All is going well with her so far, she is still nesting and the other chook has now started to lay in the box next to her so I don’t need to disturb her to get the new ones.  Two clever little chooks.

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Thank god my computer knows the time……

I thought I had been up since 5.30am today, all organised and ready to go for my boring hospital appointment, I new something wasn’t quite right about that! Then in tandem my cell phone and computer alarms go off, at least they know what time it is!  Daylight savings caught me again dammit!  The positive is that I had some uninterrupted thinking time and have worked out some of those 29 things that were waiting for me 🙂

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Finished at last…it’s only been a year!

Last year I made the run because I felt sorry for the chooks being cooped up in their little cage. This year I have finally finished it the way I wanted.  They now have a little sliding door so they can now get from their original cage with the nesting boxes, to the bigger outside run by themselves. I have dug in some bricks to stop them visiting the neighbours, a door for me to get in without Baxter, netting so I don’t need to cut their wings anymore, their favourite tree stump and a roosting tree and the original door to the outside so I can let them out to free range too.  Done and dusted, oh that reminds me they need a dust bath next!


Perspex and tongue and groove I had lying around, and a little bit at the bottom to stop it falling through.


Bit of string and a plastic thingy to pull it up.


Bricks to stop the little wheels from sinking.


Cutting it from inside the run, Baxter wondering what do now?


New home finished yay 🙂


Here they come!

Why can't i get in!

Why can’t I get in yet!

Open sesame!

Open sesame!

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Beginning of a new face mask

I have been playing around with making a base for a bigger face mask because I want one that will sit in the garden without disappearing. I started with paper to try and get the proportions right first, then the polystyrene and tape, but it was still a bit one dimensional so taped it over one of my Tupperware lids that don’t seem to fit anything anymore.  Not too sure if it will work yet but a good place to start, will just try and see!


Polystyrene and tape to fill in the basic shapes to start with.


Tupperware lid to give it a bit of curvature.

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Concentration gone….time to rest i think.


Struggling with the eyes tonight, and the clay is a bit too hard to work, left it for too long this time.


This one because I want to make an area especially for butterfly friendly plants soon.


And this one with the dragonfly because I was thinking about Dad.

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On my way to the shed…..

I have been on the way to the shed to do some pottery all day but I am having one of those moments. You know the moments,  where there are about 30 things I need to take care of or do or figure out or fix or DIY first that are more important but I can’t do them all first and some of them I can’t even fix because they are just life……so what am I doing?

I am stuck at being on the way to the shed.

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I have a silly chook do i give it a fertilised egg!

I think of my chooks has decided it wants to have a chick. I feel sad for her because she hasn’t figured out that without a rooster it will never happen for her 😦

For a good few weeks, since the weather started warming up, both of them were laying an egg each which is perfect.  In the last week though, one has started nesting all day and getting really defensive when I take the egg off her, she gets all puffed up squawks and pecks and won’t let the other chook share the nest anymore, so it’s down to only one egg a day.

Do I give it a fertilised egg from somewhere or keep torturing it by removing the egg everyday and hope things get back to normal?