My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Charade Honey Workshop Today

Day one was lovely but I wasn’t really up to it.  I was a bit sloppy, droppy and trippy LOL nothing that a long nap and some dinner didn’t fix though, almost.  Now i’m all ready to go at the wrong end of the day!

It’s funny the things you learn by seeing how and why someone makes what they do, and the unexpected, like sharing an awesome tip for making eyes while making candelabra 🙂

Note to self: don’t go to a workshop without cutting nails, nothing delicate happens with nails.

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Pesky peephole did it again.

That pesky peephole dropped bits of rust onto my pottery again and just happened to be on my 2 favourite pieces rats, maybe I can grind it off and re-glaze at a later date so all is not lost.

Pesky peephole dropped rust again.

Todays good thing: got the statues in for a bisque started at 9.15am

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How many hours untill the 8th?

Well, the panic has set in now, it had to happen!

The kiln seems to be taking so long to heat up today but have learned that it does that when it’s being watched, am also willing it to hurry. Trying to work out how many hours I have left, are there going to be enough for this glaze firing to finish and cool enough to unload, bisque the statues starting with a warm kiln, cool then squeeze them in a glaze firing?

Maybe sitting on top of the kiln will help them dry faster.

Maybe sitting on top of the kiln will help?

The answer is there are probably not enough hours…unless I fluke it!

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Terrarium made

Finished off glazing the last of the flowers ready for the kiln tomorrow then I got the sudden urge to make a terrarium.  That was so much fun and like the look of my coral pot, flower and the lost flip flop (which I made last year as a necklace) stuck in the sand.

How I made it: started by borrowing an awesome glass bowl, then layered sand, charcoal, glass pebbles, rocks, potting mix, plants and a few of my miniature pottery pieces.

Giving in to the ZZZ’s now.

Terrarium pieces.

Terrarium pieces.