My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Playing with paper again

My attempt to turn yet another one of those days into the beginning of something good.


The beginning of something 🙂


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Beagle cuddles or something random in clay?

Or maybe both 🙂 neither of them judge outcomes or value, they aren’t aware of limitations, nor does it matter to them what they might be, they exist outside of that human framework. They just are and they experience, share and represent hope. Would be lost without either one of them 🙂

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Glaze tests – some definite maybes

Have been wondering about glazing these hand built bottles for a while because I really like the shape I got from combining the hand building of the bottom and the wheel to turn the top of the neck. I thought it might be a shame to bury them out of sight 🙂 this time!


Some definite maybes, like the copper carbonate.

I originally built them as “Olla” where the point is to leave them unglazed, bury them in your garden or pots up to the neck and fill them with water.  It is a really good way of conserving water over summer and ensuring that your plants get fed directly from the roots which they love too. Will definitely be making some more for my summer garden 🙂

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Terracotta glaze tests

Janet De Boos White glaze with colorants and oxides to fill up the gaps for tomorrows firing. So I don’t waste too many ingredients I thought I would do tiny tests, the accuracy is going to depend on whether 1 gram on the scales is actually 1 gram, half a gram to 15ml would probably have been a better plan but couldn’t do so here goes.  At least it should give me a starting point for next tests if I like the look of something.