My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Video making harder than it looks

Had a try at making a video for the blog to show you how I make one of my butterflies.

It’s trickier to do than I thought, knocked a few things over including some glaze, got my hands tangled and almost dropped the camera into a dish of water, and that was without talking, I thought talking would confuse me unnecessarily, didn’t help, OMG!

It made me laugh but don’t think it would make a very interesting video so will put that on my to do later list 🙂


Totem Poles for the Pop Up Gallery

Setting up the totem poles to take to Paeroa on the 8th, just waiting on a couple of matching pieces that I need to fire still for them.


The poles on the left and right will be a little bit different when extra pieces are fired.


These pieces I am hoping will be ready too, depending on how fast they dry, fingers crossed.


An offending crack!

One of those offending cracks has popped out of nowhere again on one of the bowls. Rats.


Tried fixing but popped up again so might not make it.

A potter’s question: did I not compress the base enuff when I attached the foot, or is it just down to handling the pot too roughly? Once I removed the foot I could see a really fine gap inside the foot where it hadn’t attached so that explains the curved crack that popped up woops.

Update: the bowl shrank somewhat, off to recycling she goes 🙂 DSC02401

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Working on the new bowls today

I enjoy this bit even though it is the time I am most likely to break them 🙂

The clay has done a lot of it’s drying now and is starting to get more fragile so its time to be gentle and slow armed with different sizes of cut up sponge and some water to smooth out each pierced hole individually, clean up the foot and add some more carving.


Using the sponge and water to get rid of the harsh cut edges.


Foot turned on the wheel, then added onto the hand built bowl.


Rough hand cut look before smoothing.


The first smoothing session done on the holes, this foot was made from a slab of clay and textured with a home made bisque stamp.


No holes in this one, just the bisque stamps, a slab built foot and a bit of carving.

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Normally i can count to six :-)

Well not tonite !

I toodled off to the shed with my number of pots that matched my number of glazes, to try out the replacement mini airgun but when I came out of the shed I only had 5 pots and 2 extra glazes.

The gun sprays like it should so that’s a plus but I am confused and obviously cannot count. Oh well maybe tomorrow things will add up 🙂

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Working on 2 new sculptures

Well, actually I have been working on 4 sculptures.  Two of them ended up as casualties 🙂

By the time I had made and recycled the second one, I had worked out how to keep them balanced and weighted at the bottom to make them support themselves.  All part of the process of getting it from the brain, to the paper, to the clay.

Hoping to have them ready for the pop up gallery in Paeroa but don’t want to force the drying time on these so not too sure.

Just have the hearts growing in the pinch pots to go on them now, I am thinking “nurture” and “grow” do they need a name though?

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Glaze tests – some definite maybes

Have been wondering about glazing these hand built bottles for a while because I really like the shape I got from combining the hand building of the bottom and the wheel to turn the top of the neck. I thought it might be a shame to bury them out of sight 🙂 this time!


Some definite maybes, like the copper carbonate.

I originally built them as “Olla” where the point is to leave them unglazed, bury them in your garden or pots up to the neck and fill them with water.  It is a really good way of conserving water over summer and ensuring that your plants get fed directly from the roots which they love too. Will definitely be making some more for my summer garden 🙂