My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Terrarium pots in coral

Under glazed a few of the terrarium miniature pots instead.  Will glaze them in a food safe clear glaze so it won’t leach any nasties into the soil. Hoping that when finished they look like old pot relics sunken into colourful beds of coral!



Saturday Update: bit hard to photograph with flash but I like result and they look better in person 🙂

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New airbrush = new headache and a bit of a chuckle.

Tested it out today with some thinned down clear glaze, got the job done but just as frustrating as the last one that ended up living in the cupboard for 2 years….ggrrr.

The headache this time was that to stop the glaze or even water from squirting out and popping the lid off the paint cup, I had to hold it on. Not sure that the air should be backwashing into the cup?

I had to chuckle to myself though, when I tried to find instructions for a similar no name brand and learned that to adjust the thickness of the spraying line, I should turn it either deasil or withershins.  What !!

Some translations are just so cute you have to laugh 🙂

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Took a bit of artistic license again with the fantail!

This time I thought red wings and blue eyes!


Little miss turtle, not a part of the totem just there to test out the chrome oxide.

I felt like a bit of colour on this totem pole so am revisiting the coloured slips. I haven’t always had the result I wanted with the coloured slips on bisque so in sheer frustration I gave up doing it in favour of doing it at the green ware stage.  This time I have used it thinned right down to almost a wash, and painted several coats.  Tomorrow I get to test out the new airgun for the clear glaze, looks like it has a bigger nozzle than the old one so have high hopes for that too!

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Spraying ceramic glaze

Playing around with the spray gun today. Slowly getting the hang of it after leaks and blockages and the adaptor hose popping off and realising my DIY spray booth doesn’t cut it. One of my messier experiments 🙂  Am starting to remember why its been in a cupboard for a couple of years!

The experiment went pretty well I think!

Just need to work out a better way to see glaze coverage, was so fine I can’t see it going on, maybe the gun tip is too small?


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Club raku in 5 fun steps!


Step one: the lid comes off and the 900+ degree pottery is lifted into combustible material. First time wielding the tongs for me, panic stations 🙂


Another potter’s creation next, a very trusting potter too, no shakes or dropsies so was all good 🙂


Step two: into the sawdust and paper, another layer is quickly put on top and the lid goes on.


Step three: it’s out of the can and cooled.

raku cooling

Step four: cooled in a wet paper bath then into a water bath for a good scrub.


Step five: the first scrub reveals the colour and crackling by removing some of the soot on the surface, these ones are off home for another scrub.


Sneaky Peek

Just had a sneaky peak into the kiln, still too hot to handle but excited! Once I’ve gotten over the excitement and it has cooled down properly I will post a pic 🙂 Shah will need some on glaze for the lettering first before I send them Cush, hope the colours look good with your pots 🙂


Re-firing the plaques and hoping for a better result 🙂


Low temperature gold to give Shah a bit more contrast, ready 🙂

Note for me:Firing was 9 hours 45 this time, but could have done with more. At cone 5 it seems to take a lot longer to complete the bend once it has started than at lower temperatures so have to remember this. Yes it did need more time to develop the nice blue dots in the pink, got a full bend the second time, tomorrow will work on the lettering, almost there.

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Testing for cat plaques done!

Still need to play with the red but with a mix of 2 commercial glazes, stains and clear with oxides added and a drastic temperature change, I’m happy 🙂  Not only did I come up with glazes I would be happy with for you Cush but I think I have found a solution for my pierced bowls.  Just crossing fingers that if the cone hadn’t fallen over “again” it would have come close to a full bend 🙂


Plaques and a bowl in now heating away, fingers hopefully crossed for a good result!

Kiln off now, excited by this one but have to wait overnight to cool!