My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Missing the making

Had to get my hands into it today, busy with glazing and firing lately and have really missed just making something. So here is the beginning of my next totem pole, inspired by birds and flowers this time.


Funny Fantail 🙂

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First Egg

My good little chook chooks have laid their first egg!


So that must be what the clucking was all about then.  I do hope the eggs will get bigger as the chooks grow but am cheering that the beagle hasn’t frightened them off laying all together.  The clever little things!

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Burning the candle at both ends with the pottery again :-)

Unloading a bisque that I fired last night in the bigger kiln, squeezed two yarn bowls and 9 flower stakes in the baby kiln for a glaze, and while that’s happening will glaze and squeeze all I can into the bigger kiln for a low fire glaze tonight,

The goal this time is to glaze as much as possible of what I made recently by monday night, so I can unload them and put fittings on them tuesday morning.

Whew, what was I thinking, i’m exhausted just thinking about but here goes!


Clucky Chooks

I have been waiting for the chooks to grow their combs and hoping  that eggs would follow. Hoping it might be soon as they’re getting very talkative clucking everytime I see them and making little nesting holes in the dirt, crossing fingers.

DSC02189 DSC02190 DSC02193

Colours are changing and looking very pretty, still don’t know what breed they are though.  Any ideas Henny Penny?

Made a bigger run for them which now needs a lid I think as they both went wandering, The smaller one stayed  in the yard and I herded it back in easily but the bigger darker one explored the neighbourhood for a couple of days before I caught it. Ratbags.

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Sent adopted Fancy Pigeon home last night.

And a bit sad….hoping it found it’s way home or that it comes back to visit me if it gets lost again!

Mum found her sitting in the middle of road dazed and confused on the way back from Matamata. Wasn’t a racing pigeon so club wasn’t sure who it belonged to except that it was registered in the south island being a fancy pigeon It was unlikely to have flown very far, so probably lives closer to home in the north island I hope 🙂

On the fourth day after food, water and rest, she perked up and I think she was ready to go, stretching her wings in the cage,, wolfing the food down and having plenty of water.  So I opened the cage and let her go. No more cuddles while I clean the cage out…. sigh.

Got a couple of pics of her stopping off on the way and the empty cage with food and water in case she visits. So, it is back to two chooks, a Beagle and minding the Poodles for now.

Band details are 310 05B UFPANZ would love to know she made it home safe and where her adventures took her 🙂