My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Burnishing done.

Grabbed my trusty spoon and got the bunishing done, but only really happy with 2 of them. And i dont think the white slip liked the spoon much it left black marks on it. The further the pots got from leather hard stage, the more trouble i seemed to have, maybe thats all it was down. Will leave it though it might look interesting!?


The chooks are growing fast and have shed a couple of feathers, so might try these out too and make them a pottery waterer or feeder for their effort 🙂

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How do you do a sawdust firing?

Well, i don’t know either but am not going to let that stop me!  A google search makes me think it’s do-able, are these famous last words ha ha?

Am working up to doing one in the backyard over the holidays for a bit of fun, just have to keep an eye out for fire bans. Have a few bricks lying around and a paving slab for the top of the kiln, and made a few small random items out of different clays, ones I’m not too precious about, and am going to do a low bisque first just just to help them survive the experiment 🙂


Sawdust firing hopefuls!

Have some oxides for washes, will burnish a couple of the pieces, oohed with delight when i found some copper wire in my nephew’s electronic bits n bobs draw, have some salt in the cupboard, some steel wool in the sink, masking tape and of course can’t forget the sawdust…so almost ready to go.  I do wish that i had some horsehair though, all i have in the back yard are a dog, a cat and some chickens and i don’t know that they shed anything useful for a sawdust firing!

First though, is working out a nice glaze for the Christmas ham, food fun and pressies!

Merry Xmas everyone and see you when i get back 🙂

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Wondering if…

…wadding could be a solution for the falling over cones?

….and how long do you have to let it dry before firing?

A couple of hours on the pierced pots today and thats all i came up with 🙂 pottery brain!

P.S on Tue, just mixed up 50 china clay and 50 silica and water (found on ceramic arts forum) but not sure about the way it looks so might see if i have any sawdust in the shed, have tried the kiln wire, making a bisqued holder, propped up with shaped bits of fired clay, self supporting cones etc etc with varying degrees of success, so i geuss this couldn’t be any worse right?

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Bronze Successful.


Bronze on 2 different clays.

Though it didn’t reach 1140C like it was meant to (cone fell over yet again) the bronze has developed almost as well as the smaller piece that did go to the right temperature and i like the look. A little bit boring on the plain white though, i think because the clay isn’t as open but might would do well on some fine texture. Success this time!

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Nervous anticipation.

Testing the bronze glaze on a higher firing grogged white clay this time.

Anticipating a good result by firing a different clay at cone 1 because the clay can take it ,unlike the old sculpture i found which turned out to be terracotta, though it did develop a few nice streaks of bronze at cone 02.

The nerves are because the vase was too small for the baby kiln which is the one that fires to a higher temperature, and i have had to precariously balance it on stilts at a weird angle to fit it in.


I hope the kiln god was on duty today 🙂

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Making shapes and templates for piercing.

Playing around with shapes and making templates for piercing the new bowls. I try to make the hole patterns echo the curve of the bowls’ rim but not be exactly the same because i think that adds something.First, I start with a rough drawing on paper, fold and cut to get some symmetry and make sure I like the way it looks, then make a template out of clear plastic. This lets me place and group the holes in a way that suits the pot.

The first cut always looks a bit rough but as the clay begins to shrink and harden that’s when i can spend the time refining and smoothing them.

Paper templates from drawings then cut into plastic with a scalpel.

Paper templates from drawings which i then cut into plastic with a scalpel.


Arranged and drawn onto the pot before piercing.

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My funny little boy!


Baxter doing the cutie thing 🙂

Baxter begging the new chickens to come out and play with him.

Update: he wasn’t so funny or cute today, one chicken was having a grand old time in the garden, it wasn’t a planned excursion though and i only realised when Baxter had the poor little thing bailed up inside the red rose bush in the picture, unharmed thank goodness just freaked out. I hope i can train him out of trying to round them up for me, or is it just the beagle instinct and im being too hopeful?

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Oh no, i just committed the potter’s cardinal sin!

I couldn’t resist seeing the local art show with painters, awesome guitar and music, georgeous ukelele ladies singing, local choir, even had half a glass of wine and these days that is more than enough to get me happy.  Was so glad i went because i almost missed it altogether.

Then i got home……and i had forgotten the kiln was on! Oh no!!

The cardinal sin: never leave your kiln unattended, even for an art show!!!!!!

Someone must have been sitting on my shoulder tonite because i got home just in time to see the cone come to a full bend so i could turn it off, how is that for timing?!