My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

10 Day countdown is going strong!

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I have been making a concerted effort to fill-up the 10 days of waiting with pottery projects. This is working so well at distracting me from imagining outcomes that i now have my finger in too many pies and its “driving me to distraction”!

🙂 i had better get a wriggle on, but not before i try the mint cordial i just made, 2 cups each of mint, sugar and water, next time will try swapping 1 sugar for another mint but its nice with fresh mint in the glass.  Sadly I don’t really like it , I lost the flavour and scent of the mint.DSC02072


Author: Danielle

There are two things that without, I wouldn't recognise my life. One is my cheeky beagle Baxter who answers to all sorts of endearments starting with "B" except his actual name :-) and my pottery. They both make me happy and hopeful.

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