My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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A year younger today!

Beleive it or not it can happen, all yearย  i’ve had it wrong! Have had the nicest most relaxing birthday in a long time…. with family, good news, sunshine, new potatoes and mint from my garden, the first BBQ of the year and gardening with my cheeky baxter beagle. What more could a girl want!

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Making a test tile board.

Thought it was time i got all my test tilesย  organised and in one place.

I’m one of those people that needs to see it visually or i confuse myself and my memory is a bit dodgy these days, so its been fun to remember that there were tests i liked but had forgotten all about. Sadly i can’t find 238d or 114d clear anymore so that rules out some good ones, maybe i can find a fritt that has a similar composition and test again, that’s what testing is for i geuss!DSC02106

For now i’m just having fun with the tiles while i wait for the kiln to get to cone 02 to which might improve the look of the bronze oxide?!

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Test tiles and lessons today.

Todays lessons

  • i do like the way rutile added some variation over coloured slips, with some grainy texture and shades of yellow/ brown depending on how thickly i applied it, and pools nicely into texture.
  • the yellow hue added by the 8% rutile subdues colours too much for my liking could test smaller amounts but don’t think will bother.
  • rutile reacts in a nicer way when i have put it in the glaze with colouring oxides and stains so that they are in suspension together, not over a bisqued -slip so that doesn’t need anymore testing.
  • bronze oxide underfired, will re-visit that one later but like the dry look.
  • recycling the glass bottle worked better than the beads.
  • took a punt on glazing the flowers before testing the effect of the rutile but the test tiles show me what i wanted to know and for some of them the loss or change of colour will be worth the compromise for the added texture,ย  so am glad i did it ๐Ÿ™‚

Food for thought


Previous testing had results i like better.


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Notes, scribbles and glazing today.

If they dry in time i might load and fire but at the rate i’m going with my scribbling i doubt it ๐Ÿ™‚

She has a few cracks but then so do I :-) Trying the bronze oxide on this one.

She has developed a few cracks but then so have I ๐Ÿ™‚ Trying the bronze oxide on this one.

Trying out some rutile in the clear this time to see how it reacts with the cobalt etc.

Trying out some rutile in the clear this time to see how it reacts with the cobalt and hope it gives a bit more depth.

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Spatially: Part Three


Scoring and slipping to add the coils.

Have gone from the thinking to the doing on the big pot and into the fun part, but the heading doesn’t fit anymore! Oh well, as my new favourite cushion says “Dont Worry be Happy” ๐Ÿ™‚


Attaching the rolls of soft clay, paddling and smoothing.


The shoulder beginning to take shape. Time to let it sit for a bit now under plastic so the new clay and the old clay get aquainted. Makes for a stronger join.