My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Homemade seed tape and bisque stamp!

They’re not at all related i know,  but are both fighting for my attention right now.

Either I race out to the garden before the light goes and plant my carrot seed tape.  Which by the way, is just printer paper and my brother’s brilliant idea of egg white painted on with a brush and a scattering of carrot seeds.DSC02032

Or i get out the clay again and test my homemade bisque stamp, which in the year since i made it has not jumped out at me  till now.


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Glazing today

Im glazing the flowers and butterflies today, had much better coverage with the clear at 1.2 density and pouring instead of dipping so must remember this one.  Also experimenting with some glass beads in the butterflies just for fun.

Very little in the kiln and only 2 shelves this time, so if that doesnt allow air to circulate more evenly from top to bottom im stumped.

Waiting with baited breath!

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I discovered that a viscosity of 1.15 is definitely too thin for dipping, will go for 1.5 or 1.7 next time.

By the time i had dipped my totem pole pieces some of the water content had gone which helped and a longer dip on the others worked better.

The other glazes i used in this firing are better thicker so will stick with that but its a shame about the overfiring.

It seems to me to defy the logic of hot air rising, that the bottom of the kiln was hotter than the top, so i havent discovered anything here, except that next time i will pack it more evenly and hope for a more even firing.